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Dear Colleagues
The SJR journal rankings for 2012 have just been releasad.
 Very good news: this year Logica Universalis is number 2 among logic

SJR - 2012 - Logic Journal Ranking
(01) 1.327 Journal of Logic and Computation
(02) 1.245 Logica Universalis
(03) 1.140 Studia Logica
(04) 1.082 Journal of Symbolic Logic
(05) 1.079 Journal of Applied Logic
(06) 1.002 Annals of Pure and Applied Logic
(07) 0.954 Journal of Philosophical Logic
(08) 0.932 Logic Journal of the IGPL
(09) 0.715 Review of Symbolic Logic
(10) 0.681 Journal of Mathematical Logic
(11) 0.647 Algebra and Logic
(12) 0.637 Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
(13) 0.612 Journal of Logic, Language and Information
(14) 0.518 Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
(15) 0.502 Mathematical Logic Quarterly
(16) 0.420 Archives for Mathematical Logic
(17) 0.282 Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics
(18) 0.222 History and Philosophy of Logic
(19) 0.215 Logique et Analyse
(20) 0.213 Logic and Logical Philosophy
(21) 0.180 Reports on Mathematical Logic
(22) 0.103 Bulletin of the Section of Logic

The SJR indicator is an open access journal metric which provides an
alternative to the impact factor (IF)
It accounts for both the number of citations received by a journal and the
importance or prestige of the journals where such citations come from

SJR is produced by Scimago which also publishes open access impact factors
Here is the the comparative evolution of the 3-years impact factor of
Logica Universalis

Logica Universalis - Review of Symbolic Logic - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
- Journal of Symbolic Logic

Logica Universalis - Studia Logica - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic -
Logic Journal of the IGPL

Logica Universalis - Mathematical Logic Quarterly - Annals of Pure and
Applied Logic -  Journal of Mathematical Logic

Logica Universalis - Journal of Philosophical Logic - History and
Philosophy of Logic - Logic and Logical Philosophy

Logica Universalis - Synthese - Erkenntnis - Dialectica

Best regards
Jean-Yves Beziau
Logica Universalis

Selection of Papers published in Logica Universalis:

A Shared Framework for Consequence Operations and Abstract Model Theory
Christian Wallmann

Axiomatising the Prior Future in Predicate Logic
Max Cresswell

Which Mathematical Logic is the Logic of Mathematics?
Jaakko Hintikka

Historical Development of Modern Logic
Jean van Heijenoort

On Rereading van Heijenoort’s Selected Essays
Solomon Feferman

Jean van Heijenoort: Kaleidoscope
Anita Burdman Feferman

How to Take Advantage of the Blur Between the Finite and the Infinite
Pierre Cartier

Logic and Colour
Dany Jaspers

Dung’s Argumentation is Essentially Equivalent to Classical Propositional
Logic with the Peirce–Quine Dagger
Dov M. Gabbay

A Buchholz Rule for Modal Fixed Point Logics
Gerhard Jäger, Thomas Studer

Omnipresence, Multipresence and Ubiquity: Kinds of Generality in and Around
Mathematics and Logics
I. Grattan-Guinness

Curry’s Formalism as Structuralism
Jonathan P. Seldin

A New Modal Lindström Theorem
Johan van Benthem Pages 125-138
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