[FOM] Teach Yourself Logic -- Updated version of the Study Guide

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Sep 3 10:34:25 EDT 2013

There is a new version of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide now 
downloadable from


(which always links to the latest version).

If you (or, perhaps more importantly, your graduate students) don't know 
about this, it is a long (62pp.) annotated reading guide intended in the 
first place for philosophers, giving detailed guidance of what to read, 
in what order, to get from "baby logic", through the elements of the 
basic "mathematical logic" curriculum, on to more advanced stuff.

The previous version was downloaded well over 2K times in the last three 
months. So although TYL is still very much work in progress, it seems to 
be proving useful and widely read. So (i) do spread the word to students 
who might find it useful, and (ii) do feel free to send comments and 
suggestions for improvement!

Peter S.

Dr Peter Smith, University of Cambridge

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