[FOM] Algebra and Mathematical Logic: Theory and Applications, Kazan, June 2-6, 2014 - preliminary announcement

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International Conference

<<Algebra and Mathematical Logic: Theory and Applications>>,

 Kazan, June 2-6, 2014


Kazan Federal University and Tatarstan Republic Academy of Science
organize an International Conference "Algebra and Mathematical Logic:
Theory and Applications" dedicated to 80-th anniversary of Department
of Algebra of Kazan University and to 70-th anniversary of Professor
M.M. Arslanov.

The meeting will be held in Kazan (Russia), June 2-6, 2014. The main
topics of the conference include (but are not limited to) Lie
Algebras, Group Theory, Ring Theory,  Algebraic Geometry, Universal
Algebra, Model Theory, Mathematical Logic, Computability Theory,
Algebraic and  Logic Methods in Computer Science.

The Program Committee of the conference consists of academician Yu. L.
Ershov - Chairman, I.Sh. Kalimullin (Kazan) - Vice-chairman, Chairman
of the Organizing сommittee, A.N. Frolov (Kazan) - Secretary of the
conference, Yu.A. Alpin (Kazan), K. Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg, Germany),
M.M. Arslanov (Kazan), V.A. Artamonov (Moscow), S.B. Cooper (Leeds,
UK),  S.S. Goncharov (Novosibirsk), C. Jockusch (Urbana-Champaign,
USA), N.G. Khisamiev (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan), B. Khoussainov
(Auckland, New Zealand), J. Knight (South Bend, USA), M.I. Kuznetsov
(Nizhny Novgorod),  V.N. Latyshev (Moscow), S. Lempp (Madison, USA),
V.M. Levchuk (Krasnojarsk), A.A. Makhnev (Ekaterinburg), V.D. Mazurov
(Novosibirsk), A. Montalban (Berkeley, USA), R.Sh. Omanadze (Tbilisi,
Georgia), R.A. Shore (Ithaca, USA), S.M. Skryabin (Kazan), R.I. Soare
(Chicago, USA), S.N. Tronin (Kazan), S.V. Vostokov (St. Petersburg),
Y. Yang (Singapore, Singapore).

Invited speakers (on October 20, 2013, the list is updating): K.
Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg University, Germany), V.A. Artamonov (Moscow
State University), S.B. Cooper (Leeds Universtity, UK), Yu.L. Ershov
(Sobolev Institute of Mathematics), A.N. Frolov (Kazan Federal
University), S.S. Goncharov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics), I.Sh.
Kalimullin (Kazan Federal University), N.G. Khisamiev (East Kazakhstan
Technical State University, Kazakhstan),

B. Khoussainov (University of Auckland, New Zealand), J. Knight
(University of Notre Dame, USA), V.N. Latyshev (Moscow State
University, S. Lempp (University of Wisconsin, USA), R.Sh. Omanadze
(Tbilisi State University, Georgia), Y. Yang (National University of
Singapore, Singapore).

The scientific program of the conference includes invited plenary
lectures and contributed talks.

The official webpage of the conference:  http://www.algmathlog14.kpfu.ru
English version: http://www.kpfu.ru/main_page?p_sub=25931

All necessary information can be found at this webpage.

To participate at the conference you need proceed the registration
(see "Registration" at the webpage).

All your questions you may address to the secretary of the conference

e-mail: algmathlog14 at kpfu.ru - Secretary of the conference Frolov Andrey

phone:  (843) 233-70-39.

Important dates:

   Deadline for submissions of abstracts: March 1, 2014

   Notification to authors: March 10, 2014

   Conference: June 2 - 6, 2014

After the conference (on June 7) an excursion to the ancient city
Bolghar (Volga Bulgaria) will be organized.

The Organizing Committee

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