[FOM] Call for Participation - Andrzej Mostowski Centenary - October 11-13, 2013 - Warsaw, Poland

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Andrzej Mostowski Centenary Conference - Call for participation
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Andrzej Mostowski Centenary

Call for participation

October 11-13, 2013

Warsaw, Poland

Professor Andrzej Mostowski (1913-1975) was one 
of the leading researchers of Logic and 
Foundations of Mathematics in the period from 
WWII to his untimely death in 1975. A student of 
both Gödel and Tarski, he became world-wide 
famous for his contributions to all major areas 
of the Foundations, including Model Theory, 
Recursion Theory, Set Theory, and others. He is 
considered one of the main pioneers and founders 
of such new research directions, actively studied 
until now, as the generalized quantifiers leading 
to the abstract model theory, and the descriptive 
hierarchies of sets. He created a major center of 
foundational research in Warsaw, Poland, bringing 
together researchers from all over the world.

In celebration of the centenary of his birth, the 
Mostowski Centenary Conference will focus on his 
contributions to logic and the foundations of 
mathematics, as well as on the continuing 
influence of his work. The objective of this 
meeting is to present and discuss up-to-date 
research advances in the field, with an emphasis 
on today's perspectives and challenges.

The Mostowski Centenary will be held at the 
<http://www.mimuw.edu.pl>Department of 
Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science of 
the <http://www.uw.edu.pl>University of Warsaw , 
Poland, on October 11-13, 2013 as a joint meeting 
of the European Mathematical Society and the Polish Mathematical Society.

The program will consist of eight plenary 
lectures related to Mostowski's heritage in 
modern Foundations of Mathematics by: 
M.Bojańczyk, H.Friedman, T.Jech, M.Magidor, 
Y.Moschovakis, J.Väänänen, J.Woleński, and 
W.H.Woodin. Additional invited presentations on 
current perspectives in the areas of Mostowski's 
mathematical activities will be given by: 
M.Džamonja, L.Kołodziejczyk, K.Krupiński, 
A.Macintyre, L.Newelski, A.Pillay, C.Rosendal (to 
be confirmed), Z.Sela, and S.Solecki.

The Conference is an open event. Everybody 
interested in participating is welcome. The 
registration is now open, 
follow the link to the registration page . 
However, due to the space limitations, we may not 
be able to accept registration after September 1. 
Late registration will be accepted only if resources allow.

Thanks to our sponsors, there will be no workshop 
registration fee. Participants are responsible 
for their own accommodation and travel expenses. 
The conference has some (limited) funds directed 
for support of some categories of participants. These include:
    * Student participants from Eastern Europe (Division of Logic of IULMPS)
    * Student participants from Europe (EMS)
    * Student and faculty participants from United States
Some additional funds for students from Poland 
are also available. Participants willing to 
present a poster should notify us by September 1 
via the registration page ).

We will host an informal rump session intended 
for short and engaging presentations on recent 
unpublished results, work in progress, breaking 
news, progress reports, memories, or other short 
and entertaining topics of interest to the 
Conference attendees. Participants willing to 
take active part in the rump session should 
notify us and ask for a talk time slot by 
September 1 (via the registration page; with 
title and amount of time not exceeding 10 
minutes). Some submissions may have to be 
rejected because of time constraints.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

On behalf of the organizers,
Damian Niwiński and Marian Srebrny

  <http://mostowski100.mimuw.edu.pl/doku.php>The conference webpage
The conference e-mail address is:
mostowski100 at mimuw.edu.pl

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