[FOM] Fwd: JOB at Stockholm University: Professor in Theoretical Philosophy, with a specialisation in Logic

Martin Kaså martin.kasa at gu.se
Tue May 7 10:49:30 EDT 2013

Dear all,

I am forwarding a message from Peter Pagin (professor in Theoretical
Philosophy, Stockholm University, Sweden) about a job opportunity that
might interest the philosophically minded among the list members.

Martin Kaså

> JOB: 
> --------------
> Professor in Theoretical Philosophy, with a specialisation in Logic
> to the Department of Philosophy. Ref no: SU FV-1182-13. Deadline for
> applications: June, 11 2013.
> Responsibilities: The primary duties are research and teaching at all
> levels, from undergraduate to PhD, primarily in logic, but also in
> adjacent fields of theoretical philosophy. The holder of the position
> shall be prepared to take on administrative and leadership duties, and
> to help with securing external funding for research at the department.
> Qualification requirements: Specific qualifications required to be
> considered as a candidate for employment as professor include
> documented scientific proficiency at a high international level and
> documented teaching proficiency.
> General qualifications include the ability to collaborate and the
> professional skills to perform all the duties of the position.
> Swedish language skills are not a requirement at the time of entering
> the position. The applicant should, however, be prepared to carry out
> teaching and administration tasks that require knowledge of the
> Swedish language within a couple of years.
> Assessment criteria: Scientific proficiency and the ability to conduct
> independent and internationally competitive research within the
> subject area of the position will weigh most heavily. Teaching
> proficiency will receive second most weight. Documented administrative
> proficiency, experience in acquiring external funding for research,
> and the ability to communicate and promote increased scientific
> awareness to society at large will also be considered.
> Teaching and learning theory: Higher education teaching theory, or
> corresponding knowledge obtained in another manner, is to be given
> credit. Candidates lacking formal advanced education in teaching
> theory, corresponding to a minimum of 7.5 higher education credits,
> and who are judged not in possession of corresponding teaching skills,
> must pursue such studies during the first two years of employment.
> Additional information: Since most professors at the Faculty of
> Humanities are men, we particularly welcome female applicants.
> Further information about the position can be obtained from the Head
> of department, professor Staffan Carlshamre,
> e-mail:staffan.carlshamre at philosophy.su.se, or telephone +46 (0) 8-16
> 33 63. 
> Administrative coordinator, Mr. Kenneth
> Hjalmarsson, e-mailkenneth.hjalmarsson at su.se, telephone +46 (0) 8 16
> 2130, will provide further information about the application and
> appointment procedure if required.
> Trade union representatives: Mrs. Anqi Lindblom-Ahlm, (SACO), Mrs.
> Lisbeth Häggberg (ST), telephone +46 (0)8 16 20 00 (switchboard) and
> Mr. Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO) +46 (0) 70 316 43 41.
> To apply for this position, use the Stockholm University web
> application form. The application form is found
> here:http://www.su.se/english/about/vacancies/lecturers-researchers/professor-in-theoretical-philosophy-with-a-specialisation-in-logic-1.133749
> It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the
> application is complete, follows the instructions in the vacancy
> announcement and that it is submitted no later than application
> deadline.
> We recommend you to write your application in English, as it will be
> reviewed by international experts.
> Note that a maximum of 10 scientific papers will be submitted for
> assessment.
> Deadline for applications: June, 11, 2013.
> For further information, please visit our web-sites: 
> Stockholm University: www.su.se/english 
> Department of Philosophy: www.philosophy.su.se/english/
> Disclaimer: In case of discrepancy between the Swedish original and
> the English translation of the job announcement, the Swedish version
> takes precedence.
> --------------------
> Peter Pagin
> Professor
> Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
> 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
> tel: +46-8-162813, fax: +46-8-152226
> email: peter.pagin at philosophy.su.se
> http://people.su.se/~ppagin/pagineng.htm

Martin Kaså
Centre for Language Technology
Dept of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science
University of Gothenburg

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