[FOM] Workshop on Intensionality in Mathematics [from Paula Quinon}

Paula Quinon martin at eipye.com
Thu May 2 21:11:39 EDT 2013

Workshop on Intensionality in Mathematics
Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12, 2013
Lund University, Sweden

Francesca Boccuni (University Vita-Salute San Raffaele at Milan)
A Theory of Fregean Abstract Objects

Walter Dean (University of Warwick)
Soundness, reflection, and intensionality

Fredrik Engström (University of Gothenburg)
On logicality, invariance, and definability

Janet Folina (Macalester College)
Mathematical intensions and intensionality in mathematics

Leon Horsten (Bristol University)
Models for absolute provability

Martin Kåsa (University of Gothenburg)
Consistency statements in semi-euclidean systems

Øystein Linnebo (University of Oslo)
Modality in Mathematics

Sara Negri (University of Helsinki)
The intensional side of algebraic-topological representation theorems

Barbara Sarnecka (University of California at Irvine)
The First Few Numbers: How Children Learn Them and Why It Matters

Gila Sher (University of California at San Diego)
Mathematics & Logic: Between Theory & Reality

Staffan Angere (Bristol University)
On the logic of up to Isomorphism

Michael Gabbay (King's College London)
Making sense of maths: a formalist theory of mathematical intension

Jan Heylen (University of Leuven)
Peano numerals as buck-stoppers

Participation is free and registration not 
required. However, please see the above website on how to register for meals.

The Workshop on the "Philosophy of Information 
and Information Quality" is held on Friday May 10th.

Kevin Korb (Monash University, Australia)
Causality and Information

Luciano Floridi (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
The Informational Nature of Maker's Knowledge

Phyllis Illari (University College London, UK)
The Challenges of Information Quality

David Ellerman (UC San Diego, USA)
Information as Distinctions: New Foundations for Information Theory

Tomoji Shogenji (Rhode Island College, Providence, USA)
Measuring the Quality of Information

For Intensionality in Mathematics
Paula Quinon, Lund
Marianna Antonutti, Bristol
Carlo Proietti, Lund

For Information Quality
Frank Zenker, Lund

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