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On Mar 28, 2013, at 2:20 AM, Martin Davis <martin at eipye.com> wrote:
A friend asked me. Can anything be said about the outer measure of a set containing one point from each equivalence class with respect to the relation x~y <=> x-y is rational, x,y in [0,1]?

The outer measure of such a "Vitali set" can be anything in (0,1].  Here's a link to a short note that Jonathan Loss and I wrote up:   http://mathsci2.appstate.edu/~jlh/pdf/HL092007.pdf

A very well read referee told us that the result was known.  For example, it is a lemma in the paper "On compactness and Loeb measures" by Alzaz in the Proceedings of the AMS, vol 123, 1995.

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