[FOM] [ATY/TCAC] Turing's Universal machine narrowly wins Innovation vote

S Barry Cooper martin at eipye.com
Mon Mar 25 14:31:04 EDT 2013

Very many thanks to all who voted for Turing's Universal machine as "the
most important UK innovation of the last 100 years".

Over 50,000 votes were cast, and Turing narrowly won (over 86 other great
innovations, not to mention the many thousands of BMC Mini fans) - see:

Our 3390 ATY subscribers must have made a big impact. The closing stages
of the voting were very exciting, with the Innovation webpage barely
coping with the thousands of late votes, and the result in doubt right up
until the midnight close. Though such public votes are of mixed value!
this one must have done something worthwhile to make Turing and the
science more widely known and appreciated.

It was great to get so many interesting and encouraging messages - and, as
always, further news related to Alan Turing's continuing legacy.

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