[FOM] From theorems of infinity to axioms of infinity

Nik Weaver nweaver at math.wustl.edu
Sat Mar 23 01:04:14 EDT 2013

Monroe Eskew wrote:

> You'll have to explain why your use of "small" and "marginal" is 
> objective.

I don't think I have to do this.

> Was George Elliot's classification program for C^* algebras marginal? 
> Results, including anti-classification results, were found by 
> descriptive set theorists.

Are you talking about the Farah-Toms-Tornquist paper?  Well, the
problem with this example is that all the set theory involved there
is predicative.

It's not as if I'm claiming that any theorem ever proven by a set
theorist is inherently bad.  We're debating the relevance of the
power set axiom to ordinary mathematics.  So this example doesn't
help you.


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