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On the occasion of the 1700 Anniversary of the Edict of Milan
"Constuctive Mathematics: Foundations and Practice"

Second Announcement
We apologise if your have already received this announcement.

University of Niš, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,  Niš,  Serbia
June  24-28, 2013

          The meeting will be sponsored by the University of Niš and
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Niš, and will
be part of the celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the Edict
of Milan, which was signed by emperors Constantine and Licinius
in 313 AD and which initiated the era of religious toleration for
the Christian faith in the Roman Empire. Constantine ("The
Great") was born in the Roman city of Naissus, present-day Niš,
in 272 AD.

       The main aims of the meeting are:

  - To provide mini-series of lectures, presented by experts and designed
to lead mathematicians (including graduate students) from the basic
elements of constructive mathematics to a level where they can appreciate
recent developments in the area.  The subjects covered will cover :

           *  the foundations of constructive mathematics    (logic, type
theory, and set theory);
           * the practice of constructive analysis, algebra, and topology;
           *  constructive reverse mathematics.

  - To enable selected speakers to present seminars on their recent
research in aspects of constructive mathematics.


The schedule of the meeting will have slots for a small number of short
talks by non-invited speakers. Abstracts, of most two pages, for such
talks may be submitted, only as pdf files, to the following email address:

             cmfp2013 at masfak.ni.ac.rs

-	The closing date for submission of abstracts is 30 April 2013.
-	The abstracts will be refereed, and it is expected that the outcome on
refereeing process will be communicated to the authors by 10 May 2013.

Website of the conference:  http://www.masfak.ni.ac.rs/cmfp2013
E-mail:  cmfp2013 at masfak.ni.ac.rs

         Invited  Speakers

-- Thierry COQUAND (Gothenburg, SWE)
-- Laura CROSILLA (Leeds, UK)
-- Hannes DIENER (Siegen, GER)
-- Kosta DOSEN (Belgrade, SRB)
-- Silvia GHILEZAN (Novi Sad, SRB)
-- Matthew HENDTLASS (Udine, ITA)
-- Hajime ISHIHARA (JAIST, Ishikawa)
-- Davorin LESNIK (Darmstadt, GER)
-- Henri LOMBARDI (Besançon, FRA)
-- Robert LUBARSKY (Boca Raton, FL, USA)
-- Maria Emilia MAIETTI (Padova, ITA)
-- Maarten MCKUBRE-JORDENS (Christchurch, NZ)
-- Zoran MARKOVIC (Belgrade, SRB)
-- Takako NEMOTO (JAIST, Ishikawa)
-- Eric PALMGREN (Stockholm, SWE)
-- Giovanni SAMBIN (Padova, ITA)
-- Iosif PETRAKIS (Munich,GER)
-- Sam SANDERS (Munich,GER)
-- Peter SCHUSTER (Leeds, UK)
-- Helmut SCHWICHTENBERG (Munich, GER)

A registration desk will be set up during the conference. The registration
fee is payable in cash upon arrival; it covers printed materials (such as
the booklet of submitted abstracts), refreshments and snacks:

Registration fee:	50 €
Conference dinner:	20 €
Excursion:	        10 €

    Feel free to forward this announcement to your colleagues and students
who may not be on our mailing list. Join us at this exciting conference
in June!

See you in Niš, at CMFP 2013!

Organizing Committee

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