[FOM] The HoTT Book

Steve Awodey awodey at cmu.edu
Thu Jun 20 15:25:05 EDT 2013

Dear FOM,

This is to announce that the following book is now available:

	Homotopy Type Theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics
	The Univalent Foundations Program, Institute for Advanced Study

The book was written as a massive collaborative effort during the recent special year on Univalent Foundations at the IAS.
It is available as a free download, or printed and bound at cost, as described here:


There are several blog posts describing the book further.

- A general description is here:


- A more detailed description of the contents here:


- And a description of the "sociology" of the writing of the book is here:


We hope you like it!


Steve Awodey
(for The Univalent Foundations Program)

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