[FOM] Andrej Bauer complains and leaves FOM

Alex Blum Alex.Blum at biu.ac.il
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Dear Martin,
            I'm afraid I share his view. If not for some interesting quasi-philosophical discussion which manages to sneak in from time to time, I would leave the group as well.
Alex Blum

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Dr. Bauer had complained about my action, as moderator in ending the thread on psychology and intuitionism. Specifically he complained that by abruptly ending the ongoing interchanges I had left him unable to respond to what Dr. Sambin had said about his views.

I responded by agreeing that he had a point and suggested that he submit a reply to Sambin with a subject line like "Reply to Sambin". He refused saying that he was "done with FOM".

Regarding his assertion that his "posts get regularly rejected by the moderator", a glance at the archives shows that five of his submissions were posted in May and June

Best wishes,
Martin, moderator

Martin Davis
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