[FOM] Psychological basis of Intuitionism

Antonino Drago drago at unina.it
Sat Jun 1 17:40:15 EDT 2013

"Steve Stevenson wrote:

“Intuitionism is based on the idea that mathematics is a creation of
the mind. The truth of a mathematical statement can only be conceived
via a mental construction that proves it to be true, and the
communication between mathematicians only serves as a means to create
the same mental process in different minds.”

 The question, simply put, is
“Just how do we do it?”

In the 15th Century there existed a philosopher who supported the same view 
as Brouewer's, through more appropriate considerations. A good reference on 
the subject is T.P. McTighe: “Nicolas of Cusa‘s philosophy of science and 
its metahphysical background”, in G. Santinello (ed.): Niccolò Cusano agli 
inizi del mondo moderno, Sansoni, Firenze, 1970, 317-338, pp. 319-320, or, 
in more generic terms, E. Cassirer: Individuum und Kosmos in der Philosophie 
der Renaissance, 1927.
It is doubful if Brouwer knew Cusanus.
Cusanus anticipated several notions of modern science (set theory too, as 
Cantor recognised).
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Antonino Drago 

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