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SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM 2 & 3

There will be a second workshop in the series SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at UC Irvine. The speakers are: Dorothy Edgington (Birkbeck), John Mumma (Cal State San Bernardino), and Michael Rescorla (UC Santa Barbara).

For more information, including titles and abstracts, see the website below. Please email Sean Walsh (swalsh108 at gmail.com) to register, indicating whether or not you’d like to attend the dinner. For lunch at the February 16 event, catering will be provided.

General Website: http://www.lps.uci.edu/lps_socalphilmath
Titles + Abstracts: http://www.lps.uci.edu/node/15493

There will be a third workshop on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at UCLA, with speakers:  Aldo Antonelli (UC Davis), Mark Balaguer (Cal State LA), and William Tait (University of Chicago). For this third workshop, contact Eileen Nutting (enutting [at] humnet.ucla.edu) to register.

SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM is a small series of one-day workshops on topics in philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of logic, philosophical logic, and foundations of mathematics, designed to provide a forum in which members of the southern California community with interests in these topics can meet, interact, and learn about each other’s new work as well as those of the occasional external speaker. The 2012-13 series is organized and sponsored by the USC School of Philosophy, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at UC Irvine, the UCLA Logic Center, and the Kurt Gödel Society.

Questions? Contact Gabriel Uzquiano (USC) or Sean Walsh (UC Irvine) or Eileen Nutting (UCLA)
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