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The best and most nuanced account of these issues that I know of is Michael Hallett's wonderful *Cantorian set theory and limitation of size*.  Section 1.3 is particularly relevant. (The main, but far from only, Cantor text for that section is: Über unendliche, lineare Punktmannigfaltigkeiten, 5. )
 Without the nuance, Hallett's Cantor is committed to well-foundedness but not "full naivety".  That is, if full naivety and "not every collection is a set" are inconsistent; for Cantor accepted the latter. 
For extensionality, I can't remember where it first comes up in Hallett, but he has Cantor committed to it; it's relevant in the discussion of Frege's criticism of views that take numbers as collections of "unities" (the theory of "ones").

In any case, Hallett is replete with quotes from Cantor.

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> I have not studied Cantor's texts, but from what I recall I have heard and seen conflicting accounts as to how and whether he implicitly presupposed a well-founded notion of sets. Could some please
> (1) give textual evidence for him assuming i) well-foundedness, ii) non-wellfoundedness and (perhaps) iii) full naivety,
> and
> (2) confirm textually that he presupposed extensionality?
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