[FOM] Improving the new axiom

MartDowd at aol.com MartDowd at aol.com
Wed Aug 14 19:34:07 EDT 2013

The new axiom for set theory can be called axiom M, and states that Ord is  
$\alpha$-Mahlo for an ordinal $\alpha$, which presently is in a state of  
flux.  I have just completed a manuscript, available at _ 
www.hyperonsoft.com/chns.pdf_ (http://www.hyperonsoft.com/chns.pdf) ,
which gives the value $\Lambda_0$ for $\alpha$, where $\Lambda_0$ is the  
large Veblen ordinal with base $\Ord^+$.  The manuscript gives a  
self-contained treatment of the infinitary Veblen function, with complete proofs  of 
all of Veblen's lemmas.
- Martin Dowd
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