[FOM] Seeking sage advice on terminology

Aatu Koskensilta Aatu.Koskensilta at uta.fi
Sun Aug 4 00:40:16 EDT 2013

Quoting Colin McLarty <colin.mclarty at case.edu>:

> When I write about proofs of FLT I always have trouble finding a graceful
> terminology to distinguish proving FLT in PA versus proving in proof theory
> that PA |- FLT.

   How about "proving FTL in PA" and "proving that FTL is provable in  
PA"? On the face of it, there's nothing particularly unwieldy to this  
approach of just saying what you mean. Contextual cues and all that  
should take care of any awkwardness or (hypothetical) ambiguity in any  

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"Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen"
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