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In posting 516:Embedded Maximal Cliques/restatement

I reported on an extended abstract on my website
http://www.math.osu.edu/~friedman.8/manuscripts.html :

76.  Embedded Maximal Cliques and Incompleteness. Extended Abstract.
18 pages. May 20, 2013. Reesults supersede 71. Largely supersedes 72,
November 6, 2012, but some matters from 72 are not addressed in this
new version, and so we are keeping 72.

This has now been upgraded with a new extended abstract on
http://www.math.osu.edu/~friedman.8/manuscripts.html :

77.  Sum Base Towers, Invariant Maximal Continuations, and Concrete
Incompleteness. Extended abstract. 48 pages. August 2, 2013. 76 is
incorporated as a small part. Some matters in 76 not covered here, so
we are keeping 76. Look for dated updates. I will normally remove
earlier versions, with an indication as to what's new.

Given the scope of 77, expect that there will be periodic revisions,
and I normally will not keep earlier versions unless the revision is
major - like this one. However, with significant revisions, I will
make a numbered FOM posting discussing the latest change. I will be
careful to date everything.


Abstract. In this extended abstract, we present an account
of new examples of concrete mathematical statements that
can be proved from large cardinal hypotheses but not in the
usual ZFC axioms for mathematics (assuming ZFC is
consistent). Many of the statements are provably equivalent
to Pi01 sentences (purely universal statements, logically
like FLT) - in particular the consistency (not the 1-
consistency) of strong set theories. Some are in explicitly
Pi01 form. The examples are thematic, and fall into two major
groups. The first is sum base towers, which are of finite
length, made up of sets of positive integers (both finite
and infinite sets are treated). These basic objects are
motivated through an analogy with elements in physical
science. They are related to towers in Boolean Relation
Theory, but are more concrete and combinatorial, and
involve only the ordering of Z+ and addition on Z+. We
present a substantial theory of sum base towers for both
arbitrary R containedin Z+k and tame R containedin Z+k. Tameness here is taken
to mean integral piecewise linear relations or the more
extensive Presburger relations. These substantial theories
cannot be carried out in ZFC, but can be carried out using
certain large cardinal hypotheses, represented by the SRP
axiom system. If unrestricted R containedin Z+k are used then the
results are mostly equivalent to 1-Con(SRP), and often have
simple Pi02 or Pi03 forms. If tame R containedin Z+k are used then the
results are mostly equivalent to Con(SRP), and often have
simple Pi01 forms. The second major group of examples lives
in the rationals, with only order. The basic shape of the
results assert that any finite set of negative rational
vectors has a "maximal continuation" which is invariant
under certain shift operators (they add 1 to only some
coordinates, leaving others fixed). These and many other
statements are shown to be provably equivalent to the
widely believed Con(SRP), and hence unprovable in ZFC
(assuming ZFC is consistent). Modifications are made to
"maximal continuations" which allow for stronger invariance
properties. One version is particularly strong, and a
simple cross sectional condition is added which propels the
statement beyond the huge cardinal hierarchy to be
equivalent to Con(HUGE). Another kind of weakening of
maximality which we call source maximality, supports a
series of finite source maximal continuations of a negative
set of rational vectors. These are explicitly Π02 and become
explicitly Π01 because a relevant and easy exponential type
bound. This also applies to statements corresponding to
Con(HUGE). We also present some nondeterministic
constructions of infinite and finite length with the same
metamathematical properties. These lead to practical
computer investigations designed to provide arguable
confirmation of Con(ZFC) and more.


I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~friedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 516th in a series of self contained numbered
postings to FOM covering a wide range of topics in f.o.m. The list of
previous numbered postings #1-449 can be found
in the FOM archives at

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516: Embedded Maximal Cliques/restatement

Harvey M. Friedman

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