[FOM] Seeking sage advice on terminology

Nik Weaver nweaver at math.wustl.edu
Thu Aug 1 13:21:42 EDT 2013


I'm writing a book on forcing right now and have a similar issue.
The terminological distinction I am using is "theorem" versus
"metatheorem".  Once that terminology is set up I don't find it
necessary to use different terms for proof of theorems and proofs
of metatheorems.

If saying "FLT is a theorem (of PA)" and "PA |- FLT is a metatheorem
(of your metatheory)" doesn't solve your problem, perhaps you could
use the term "metaproof" for a proof in the metatheory.


> When I write about proofs of FLT I always have trouble finding a graceful
> terminology to distinguish proving FLT in PA versus proving in proof theory
> that PA |- FLT.
> I don't mean the conceptual distinction is difficult.  I mean I'd like
> a cleaner terminology for it so i don't keep using "proof" to mean two
> different things.  Maybe the literature I have been reading does have
> a solution but if so I have not absorbed it.

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