[FOM] CADE-24 Call for Participation

Geoff Sutcliffe by way of Martin Davis <martin@eipye.com> martin at eipye.com
Fri Apr 19 11:58:45 EDT 2013

                  CADE-24: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

       24th International Conference on Automated Deduction
            June 9-14, 2013, Lake Placid, New York, USA
            Early Registration Deadline: 22 May 2013

   CADE is the major forum for the presentation of research in all
   aspects of automated deduction. CADE-24 is held in Lake Placid, a
   charming village on the shore of two lakes surrounded by the
   beautiful Adirondacks Mountains, upstate New York.

   The conference program features:

   * Invited talks:
     * Jean-Christophe Filliatre: One Logic to Use Them All
     * Greg Morrisett: Defining, Testing, and Reasoning About an x86 Decoder
     * Natarajan Shankar: Automated Reasoning, Fast and Slow
     * Douglas R. Smith: Coalgebraic Specification and Refinement

   * Presentation of 31 papers including the CADE-24 Best Paper Award
     winner (details at http://www.cade-24.info/)

   * Tutorials:
     * Franz Baader: Reasoning in Lightweight Description Logics
     * Bernhard Beckert: Program Verification with the KeY System
     * Morgan Deters, Dejan Jovanovic, Clark Barrett and Cesare Tinelli:
       Becoming a Power User of SMT: The CVC4 Solver
     * Marijn Heule: State-of-the-art SAT Solving
     * Carsten Schuermann, Taus Brock-Nannestad and Chris Martens: Twelf

   * Several Workshops (details at http://www.cade-24.info/)

   * The CADE ATP System Competition (CASC): http://www.tptp.org/CASC/24/
     organized by Geoff Sutcliffe

   During the conference, the Herbrand Award for Distinguished Contributions
   to Automated Reasoning will be presented to Greg Nelson for his invention
   of equality sharing, also known as the Nelson-Oppen method, and his
   pioneering work on theorem proving and program checking, including fast
   congruence closure algorithms and the Simplify theorem prover.


     Early registration deadline:           22 May  2013
     Workshops and Tutorials:             9-10 June 2013
     Conference:                         11-14 June 2013
     CASC:                                  12 June 2013


   Conference Co-Chairs:
     Christopher A. Lynch   Clarkson University
     Neil V. Murray         University at Albany - SUNY

   Program Committee Chair:
     Maria Paola Bonacina   Universita` degli Studi di Verona

   Workshop and Competition Chair:
     Christoph Benzmueller  Freie Universitaet Berlin

   Tutorial Chair:
     Peter Baumgartner      NICTA and Australian National University

   Publicity and Web Chair:
     Grant Olney Passmore   Cambridge University and Edinburgh University

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