[FOM] MWPMW 13 and First PMA symposium [from Michael Detlefsen <mdetlef1 at nd.edu>]

Michael Detlefsen martin at eipye.com
Sat Sep 22 11:48:38 EDT 2012

Dear friends and colleagues,

Herewith more program information for the first 
PMA symposium on Friday, October 26, 2012 and the 13th
annual Midwest PhilMath Workshop (MWPMW 13).

Notre Dame's main hôtel is being closed in the 
next few days to undergo a year long renovation. Because of this,
it is imperative that you contact Harriet Baldwin 
(<mailto:baldwin.1 at nd.edu>baldwin.1 at nd.edu) in 
the next few days (by September 30th) and make 
room reservations. There is a press for hotel
space this fall and reservations need to be made earlier than usual.

When you contact Mrs. Baldwin, please let her 
know if you will attend the Saturday evening 
banquet for the MWPMW 13. All attending MWPMW 13 are cordially invited
to attend as guests of the university.

Speakers and titles are as follows:


I. First PMA Symposium (Friday, October 26, 2012; rooms and times TBA)

1. Steve Awodey, Carnegie Mellon University: 
"Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations"

2. Jeremy Heis, U of California-Irvine: "Why Did 
Geometers Stop Using Diagrams?"

3. Danielle MacBeth, Haverford College: "The 
Puzzle of Logic in Relation to Mathematics"

The symposium will begin at 1:30pm, EDT.



Aldo Antonelli, University of 
California-Davis:  "On the General Interpretation of First-Order Quantifiers"

Marianna Antonutti Marfori, University of 
Bristol: "Human Effective Computability and 
Absolute Undecidability" (joint work with Leon Horsten)

John Baldwin, University of Illinois-Chicago: 
"Completeness and Categoricity (in power): 
Formalization without Foundationalism"

Roy Cook, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: 
"Frege's Recipe" (joint work with Philip Ebert)

Katherine Dunlop, University of Texas-Austin: 
"Poincare's opposition to logicism in arithmetic"

Ken Manders, University of Pittsburgh: 
"Expressive means and mathematical understanding"

Chris Menzel, Texas A&M University: "Wide Sets, 
ZFCU, and the Iterative Conception"

Rebecca Morris, Carnegie Mellon University: 
"Character and Object" (joint work with Jeremy Avigad)

Pat Reeder, The Ohio State University: "A 
'Non-standard Analysis' of Euler's Introductio in Analysin Infinitorum"

Dirk Schlimm, McGill University: "Axioms in mathematical practice"

MWPMW 13 sessions will begin at 9:00am EDT, 
Saturday, October 27th. The workshop is scheduled 
to end at 12 noon, Sunday, October 28th.
Locations and times for specific talks will be 
sent later and also be posted on the Philosophy 
Department website at Notre Dame.


On behalf of the PMA Board and the program 
committee of the MWPMW 13, I welcome you to come to these events.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Mic Detlefsen

President, PMA
Director, MWPMW 13

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