[FOM] The Futility of Consciousness

Charlie silver_1 at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 18 18:34:58 EDT 2012


	    I wish to announce to those interested in consciousness that a book I wrote on the subject  is now in Kindle format on Amazon.com.   It's entitled _The Futility of Consciousness: An Investigation_.   The word "futility" in the title has two senses: 1) it is futile to even study consciousness at this time, since so little is known about the brain, and 2) consciousness itself is futile in the sense of being disadvantageous rather than beneficial to us.    Both issues are covered.    Assuming initially that investigating consciousness may be futile, the book proceeds chapter by chapter to weaken that assumption, culminating in a "theory of consciousness".

	   The second sense of futility, that consciousness itself may not be beneficial, is very rarely questioned.  The book presents a long list of the disadvantages of consciousness compared to a list of its benefits.

	 There are well over 100 subsections in the book, each of which is a live link.   Thus, someone interested in a particular topic can click on that particular link and read the accompanying text.

	I hope some of you enjoy the book.  All criticisms are welcome.

Charlie Silver

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