[FOM] Reprinting the classics

A J Franco de Oliveira francoli at kqnet.pt
Sat Oct 13 06:21:06 EDT 2012

Dear FOMs
The remaining parts are eagerly awaited, I'm sure. Meanwhile,
readers of the French language can take refuge in the translation
of the second edition by F. Gaillard et M. Guillaume,
L'Harmattan, 2001 (title Fondements des Mathematiques)
Meanwhile, another classic German text that I think merits an
English translation is Hilbert & Ackermann's
Grundzüge der Theoretischen Logik
fourth edition, last reprint by Springer 1972.

At 18:54 11-10-2012, you wrote:
>Membrs of FOM might like to know that a dual-language (German-English)
>edition of Hilbert & Bernays' Grundlagen der Mathematik is in
>progress. The first part, covering the preface and sections 1-2
>appeared near the end of last year, published by College Publications.
>Information about the Hilbert-Bernays Project is avaialble at
>Irving H. Anellis
>8905 Evergreen Avenue, Apt. 171
>Indianapolis, IN 46240-2073
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