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Dear Vaughan:

Thank you for the wealth of references. Given the tremendous amount of 
information in these references, I am curious what would be your answers 
to some ofthe questions which I posed in my message. Specifically:

        If it is possible that Robert is rich, what is the possibility
        that Robert is poor?
        If it is possible that most Swedes are tall, what is the
        possibility that few Swedes are           short?

In many real-world settings, we have a mixture of possibilities and 
probabilities. Can you address the following question?

        If it is probable that Robert is rich, what is the possibility
        of the probability that Robert is poor?

These questions appear to be simple, but I believe you will find that 
coming up with answers is not a simple matter. The questions are 
intended to test the problem-solving capability of the theories you 
refer to. I am awaiting with interest your solutions.

                    With my regards.



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