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  Wednesday, November 21, 2012 11:57 PM Lotfi A. Zadeh wrote: 
      In dealing with a problem in nonmonotonic reasoning, the following question arose. Informally, consider the sentence 
  if it is impossible that p, then it is possible that p, 
  where p is a factual proposition. The sentence is counterintuitive. Could it be logically correct, considering various interpretations of impossible, implication, possibility and p? 

  My answer is that "impossiblity" is a modal word. 
  Being modal logic equivalent via S4 model to intuitionist logic (also intutively, "impossiblity" is equivalent to "it is not the case it is not", i.e. a doubly negated sentence which is not equivalent to the corresponding affirmative sentence "it is the case"; hence, the former sentence belongs to intuitionist logic and so), the inference at issue is not only counterintuitive, but also wrong, because it applies the double negated law of classical logic to an intuitionist sentence.
  For an instance, it is wrong to derive from "the impossibility of the perpetual motion" the sentence "the perpetual motion exists".
  Best wishes for great discoveries in exploring the world of the doubly negated sentences.
  Antonino Drago
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