[FOM] Logica Universalis special issue -- van Heijenoort at 100

Irving Anellis irving.anellis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 17:49:03 EST 2012

The special issue of Logica Universalis in celebration of the
centenary of the birth of Jean van Heijenoort has just appeared in

It is: Logica Universalis. Volume 6 Number 3-4

Special Issue: Perspectives on the History and Philosophy of Modern
Logic: Van Heijenoort Centenary

The contents are:

Guest Editor’s Introduction: JvH100
Irving H. Anellis

Scholarly Publications of Jean van Heijenoort Compiled by lrving H. Anellis

Jean van Heijenoort: Kaleidoscope
Anita Burdman Feferman

Jean van Heijenoort and the Gödel Editorial Project
John W. Dawson

Editor’s Introduction to Jean van Heijenoort, Historical Development
of Modern Logic
Irving H. Anellis

Historical Development of Modern Logic
Jean van Heijenoort

Jean van Heijenoort’s Conception of Modern Logic, in Historical Perspective
Irving H. Anellis

Jean van Heijenoort’s Contributions to Proof Theory and Its History
Irving H. Anellis

Which Mathematical Logic is the Logic of Mathematics?
Jaakko Hintikka

Frege’s Ancestral and Its Circularities
Ignacio Angelelli

HERBRAND’s Fundamental Theorem in the Eyes of JEAN VAN HEIJENOORT
Claus-Peter Wirth

Toward A Visual Proof System: Lewis Carroll’s Method of Trees
Francine F. Abeles

On Rereading van Heijenoort’s Selected Essays
Solomon Feferman


In Defense of Logical Universalism: Taking Issue with Jean van Heijenoort
Philippe de Rouilhan

Logic as Calculus Versus Logic as Language, Language as Calculus
Versus Language as Universal Medium, and Syntax Versus Semantics
Jan Wolenski

Logic as a Science and Logic as a Theory: Remarks on Frege, Russell
and the Logocentric Predicament
Anssi Korhonen

Abstracts and open source articles are available electronically from
Springer-Verlag, at:


Regrettably, the contribution which Georg Kreisel promised could not
be delivered, due to his lengthy illness and  hospitalization earlier
this year.

Irving H. Anellis
Peirce Edition Project
Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis

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