[FOM] Kreisel's 2008 paper

David Roberts david.roberts at adelaide.edu.au
Fri May 11 00:13:36 EDT 2012

Dear all,

Angus Macintyre, in his paper 'The impact of Goedel's incompleteness
theorems on mathematics', refers to a manuscript being prepared by
Goerg Kreisel for the 2008 Herbrand conference in Darmstadt. Despite
my best efforts, I have been able to find out nothing about this past
what Macintyre hints at in his own paper. More frustratingly,
Kreisel's paper is described as 'indispensable ... background for the
appendix' of Macintyre's paper.

Is Kreisel's paper published, or otherwise available anywhere?

Many thanks in advance,

David Roberts

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