[FOM] Smith's Intro to Gödel's Theorems -- 2nd edition

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Jun 26 10:17:06 EDT 2012

FOMers might like to know that I have made available online a draft of the 
first third or so of the 2nd edition of my Gödel book. This is the part up 
to and including the Gödelian proof of the First Incompleteness Theorem, so 
will be of interest to students even without the rest of the book. It can 
be downloaded from


I have an ulterior motive of course. Some readers of FOM were very generous 
in their comments when I posted drafts of the 1st edition some years ago, 
and saved me from some horrible mistakes. This part of the book is the most 
heavily revised, and I'd really like to hear about needed corrections 
(whether of typos or of horrible new thinkos that I have managed to insert 
...). So all comments again most gratefully received! I hope though that it 
is a good enough state to pass on to your students without corrupting their 
minds too much ...

Peter Smith

Dr Peter Smith: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

Gödel's Theorems: http://www.godelbook.net 
LaTeX for Logicians: http://www.phil.cam.ac.uk/teaching_staff/Smith/LaTeX/ 
Idle musings: http://logicmatters.blogspot.com 

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