[FOM] post-doc temporary position in Padua

sambin sambin at math.unipd.it
Fri Jun 8 06:40:53 EDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

Applications are invited for a 12-months postdoctoral position in  
Mathematical Logic at the Department of Mathematics of the University  
of Padua, Italy.

The call is aimed at researchers holding a PhD degree which has been  
awarded from no more than 8 years.

The title of the project is "Predicative and intuitionistic  
development of Grothendieck topos theory" and it will be supervised by 
Prof. Giovanni Sambin.

All applications in the area of Mathematical Logic will be considered.
However, preference will be given to those candidates with some  
experience in constructive or categorical methods in mathematics.

The salary is about 1500 euros per month.

The applications have to be sent before June 29, 2012.

For further information, please read:


(in ITALIAN! Please contact us by e-mail if you don't read Italian).

We encourage all applicants to contact us in advance for more specific 
information on the expected research topic.

The applications should be sent by ORDINARY mail to the address of the  
However, you could send your application to us by e-mail and we will  
print and deliver it.

Please tell anyone who might be interested about this call.

Best regards,

Giovanni Sambin
Milly Maietti
Francesco Ciraulo

E-mails: {sambin, maietti, ciraulo} AT math.unipd.it

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