[FOM] Short or very short Gôdel codes, anyone?

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One of the shortest codes I am aware of is to be found in "Computability and Logic" (5th edition) by Boolos, Burgess and Jeffrey, page 188. It groups together symbols by a code consisting of an initial digit smaller than 9 and then adding 9's. Take, e.g., a list of variables: v1, v2, v3, .... These will be coded into,say, 5, 59, 599, ..., so vn requires n signs in the code, satisfying your requirement. The codes of the individual signs are simply joined by concatenation. Jean Paul

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  Has someone used short or very short Gôdel codings to arithmesize syntax? If so, who, where and how? A very short Gôdel coding would in my idiolect be one where an expression with n symbols, in a system with an alphabet of m symbols, would have a Gôdel number smaller than m raised to n.

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