[FOM] Two Postdoc positions available at Ghent University

Albrecht Heeffer filidoor at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 10:51:09 EDT 2012

The Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Ghent University
(http://logica.ugent.be/centrum/) is looking for 2 post-doctoral
researchers for a research project entitled Contextual and
formal-logical approach to scientific problem solving processes
supervised by  Prof. Dr. Erik Weber and Prof. Dr. Joke Meheus.

We offer 2-year post-doctoral positions (October/November 2012 till
September/October 2014).  The research areas are the following:
(1) Position 1: Methodological and epistemological analysis of
scientific reasoning processes.
(2) Position 2: Logical analysis of scientific reasoning processes.

Researchers with a PhD in philosophy or a related discipline (e.g.
science studies or philosophy of a specific scientific discipline) who
are interested in these positions can apply by sending an e-mail to
Prof. Dr. Erik Weber (Erik.Weber at ugent.be) before 12 August 2012.
Applications must contain a CV with list of publications and a 1 page
research proposal that fits into one of the areas outlined above.

We particularly welcome proposals which relate to one of the topics
that  are the currently investigated at the CLSP, such as: abduction,
analogical reasoning, causation, belief revision, conceptual change,
explanation, induction, scientific discovery, adaptive logics,
erotetic logics, paraconsistent logics, …

Albrecht Heeffer

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