[FOM] Six Postdoc positions available at the faculty of Science in Ghent

Andreas Weiermann Andreas.Weiermann at UGent.be
Fri Jan 20 11:56:10 EST 2012

Der FOM-members,

the Faculty of Science of Ghent University offers six Postdoc positions
and logicians could apply in principle.
The advertisement with an
application form can be found on:


The competition is over all disciplines in exact sciences
and is based on excellence.

(The application form might be of interest even for non applicants to learn
about new developments in science-policies
since candidates are supposed to hand in e.g. the sum of impact factors
and their h-index and their total count of citations).

If applications from logic or math would come in I will argue that 
bibliometry doesn't matter
in our field.


Andreas Weiermann

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