[FOM] Some job opportunities (not tenured) for logicians in Belgium

Andreas Weiermann Andreas.Weiermann at UGent.be
Tue Jan 10 20:50:15 EST 2012

Maybe this is of interest for some members of FOM:

this year there is a new initiative in Flanders to attract foreign


The grants are intended for three years (there
is also a short stay option {for one year})
and can be extended for another three years
on a competitive basis. (There will be about 30 long term
and 10 short term positions)

Also logicians can apply to these or the following

There are also options for PhD grants
for two years plus an option for extension for another two
years after positive evaluation.

Even for well established researchers
or "researchers with the potential to develop a leading international 
status" there are options
which might be of interest:

And on faculty level of Ghent University there will be
an opening for six
Postdoc positions (over all disciplines) for three
years (90% research but no option for extension)

Knowledge of Flemish/Dutch is not required for any of these

In case of interest one may look at the web pages
of fwo.be (choose language option English). [I would
say that the grants are well paid and that one can make
a living out of these grants (as long as the grants last).]

Andreas Weiermann

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