[FOM] Turing in Context, King's College Cambridge, England 18-19 February 2012

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             Turing in Context
                King's College
              Cambridge, England
              18-19 February 2012


In the year 2012, the academic world will celebrate Alan Turing's 
(1912-1954) birth centenary as the Alan Turing Year. Turing, who was on 
the Time Magazine's list of the 100 most important people of the 20th 
century, has revolutionized several fields by his seminal contributions to 
the theory of computation (the Turing machine), the practical applications 
of that theory by building the first digital computers, cryptography, and 
artificial intelligence (the Turing test). Turing's special role for 
science in the 20th century and his sad premature death made him an icon 
whose recognition goes beyond his immediate scientific impact (consider, 
e.g., the British Prime Minister's public apology to Turing in September 

The event "Turing in Context" will highlight the many contributions of 
Alan Turing for a general academic audience, in particular for 
undergraduate and postgraduate students of all fields, and put these 
contributions in a historical context. Our seven speakers will cover 
topics such as British war intelligence, discrimination laws, pattern 
formation in biological systems, artificial intelligence, as well as logic 
and foundations of computing.

The event Turing in Context is hosted by Turing's former college in 
Cambridge, King's College and is generously funded by the Isaac Newton 
Institute and the AISB.

Henk Barendregt (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Sue Black (University College London, U.K.)
David Gondek (Thomas J. Watson Research Center, U.S.A.)
Leslie Moran (Birkbeck College, U.K.)
Julian Richards (Buckingham University, U.K.)
Raul Rojas (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
Angela Stevens (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany)

All members of Cambridge University, in particular all students at King's 
College, are cordially invited to join us for this celebration. Attendance 
is free, but since there is only limited seating capacity in Keynes Hall, 
we ask for advance registration by sending an e-mail to Jenny Mackay 
<programmes at newton.ac.uk> with the subject line "Registration for Turing 
in Context, 18-19 Feb 2012".  Acceptance is on a first-come first-served 

The event will take place in Keynes Hall at King's College. There will be 
an exhibition of Turing-related items from the archives of King's College 
in the adjacent Chatwynd Room during the event.


On Friday, 17 February 2012, Dr. David Gondek from IBM Research will give 
a general audience presentation on the famous Watson project:

In October 2012, there will be a research-based follow-up event entitled 
Turing in Context II with talks for specialists at the Royal Flemish 
Academy of Belgium in Brussels:

Sponsors. TiC at Kings is organized as part of the Alan Turing Year 2012 and 
sponsored by the King's College of our Lady and Saint Nicholas in 
Cambridge, the Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and 
the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of 
Behaviour (AISB).

Organizers. Liesbeth De Mol (Gent), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam & Hamburg), 
Ken Moody (Cambridge), Giuseppe Primiero (Gent).

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