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Michael Lee Finney michael.finney at metachaos.net
Tue Feb 14 15:37:38 EST 2012

I would like to point out that in addition to the areas that Harvey
mentioned, that there are a number of logicians who feel that

1. That classical logic is at least partially incorrect or that it is

2. Classical foundations such as ZFC or even naive set theory are
either incorrect or insufficient.

For those who believe either or both of the above, the foundation
tasks of the '30s are not done yet. We have simply had a haitus while
the general field has progressed making new attempts possible.

I personally think that this is one of the most important areas in
foundational logic that needs to be addressed.

I see ZFC as a bunch of band-aids applied to solve a problem. They
sort of work, but are very restrictive. One example is category theory
which has outgrown ZFC. Another is that the paradoxes are STILL not
properly handled within the foundations. And, of course, it is now
clear that the regularity axiom is completely unnecessary and does not
add anything useful.

This is usually an area to which most working mathematicans and even
most logicians are indifferent, but it is vital and there are a number
of logicans working in this area.

Michael Lee Finney

HF> Continuing the discussion surrounding my plans for the f.o.m.  
HF> documentary



HF> The spectacular Golden Age of f.o.m. in the 1930s was followed by a
HF> period of more than 2 decades of much more specialized f.o.m.  
HF> activity, where the results were no longer of general intellectual
HF> interest - with some arguable exceptions.

HF> The intention is that the documentary series become the place of  
HF> record for a clear and creative presentation of state of the art  
HF> f.o.m. for at least professional - and aspiring professional -  
HF> intellectuals. How deeply it penetrates into the general literate (and
HF> illiterate!) culture remains to be seen. The science videos I think
HF> have penetrated to a reasonable extent into (at least) the general
HF> literate culture. I have the same hopes for this f.o.m. documentary
HF> series.

HF> Harvey Friedman

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