[FOM] Legacy of Reuben Goodstein, Friday 14th December, 2012 - final programme details

S Barry Cooper pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Sun Dec 9 14:30:11 EST 2012



              His Centennial and the Wittgenstein Connection
            Friday 14th December 2012, University of Leicester


For final details of the programme for this Goodstein Centenary Day, see:

2012 is the Centenary of the birth of Reuben Louis Goodstein, the first
holder of a UK university chair in Mathematical Logic.

In honour of Goodstein and his legacy, we are organizing a day recognizing
his impact on the development of Mathematical Logic, worldwide, in the UK
and at Leicester. The meeting is supported by the London Mathematical
Society and the British Logic Colloquium.

The list of distinguished speakers includes:

Harvey Rose (Bristol), Jan von Plato (Helsinki), Stanley Wainer (Leeds),
Mathieu Marion/Mitsuhiro Okada (Montreal/Keio, Japan), Mike Price
(Leicester), Mary Walmsley (Leicester).

Topics will include:

* Goodstein's theorem in the light of the Bernays-Goodstein correspondence
* Goodstein sequences and independence of Peano arithmetic
* Goodstein and Wittgenstein
* Goodstein and the Mathematical Association
* We are also hoping to have a panel discussion entitled 'Goodstein
* 'Remembered', where any delegate can share memories and thoughts of

We anticipate there will be a number of ex-colleagues and students of
Goodstein, and members of the Goodstein family in attendance, and a small
evening dinner for speakers and organisers, and guests.

The support of the London Mathematical Society provides for a number of
bursaries available to UK research students to enable them to attend the
meeting. Registration is free.

To register, and for details of the programme, please go to the meeting

Download a copy of the conference poster:

Organisers: S. Barry Cooper (Leeds), Jeremy Levesley (Leicester), Rick
Thomas (Leicester), Paul Williams (LSE)

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