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There were some small inaccuracies and unnecessary definitions in http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2012-April/016417.html 
  We restate everything.

Harvey M. Friedman
April 8, 2012

1. Finite Detached Choice.
2. Upper A Invariance.
3. Invariant Finite Detached Choice.


A binary relation R on {1,...,n}^k is regressive if and only if for  
all x,y in {1,...,n}^k, R(x,y) implies max(x) > max(y) or x = y.

We say that a function is detached (with respect to R) if and only if  
no two distinct values are related by R.

We identify functions with their graphs.

FINITE DETACHED CHOICE. Every reflexive regressive relation on  
{1,...,n}^k contains a detached f:{1,...,n}^k into {1,...,n}^k. Any  
two such f have the same fixed points.

We can view such an f as a detached choice function for the relation.

The finite length inductive proof is pleasantly elementary and  


Let A be a nonempty finite set of positive integers. We say that x,y  
in are upper A equivalent if and only if

i. x,y in {1,...,max(A)}}^k
ii. x,y are each strictly increasing.
iii. All coordinates not in the longest common initial subsequence of  
x,y lie in A.

We say that S is upper A invariant if and only if for all upper A  
equivalent x,y, if x in S then y in S.


We write f::U into V into W into X if and only if f maps all of U into  
V, all of V into W, and all of W into X.

INVARIANT FINITE DETACHED CHOICE. Every reflexive regressive relation  
on {1,...,n}^k contains a detached f::A^k into B^k into C^k into D^k, | 
A| >= log*(n)/(8k)!, with upper A invariant range.

We can view a detached function contained in a relation as a partial  
detached choice function for that relation.

Here log*(n) is the number of times log can be applied to n. The (8k)!  
is overkill. We'll see what we really need in due course.

THEOREM. Invariant Finite Detached Choice is equivalent to Con(SRP)  
over ACA'.

SRP = ZFC + {there exists lambda with the k-SRP}_k. Lambda has the k- 
SRP iff lambda is a limit ordinal, where every partition of the  
unordered k-tuples from lambda into two pieces has a stationary  
homogeneous set. ACA' = RCA_0 + for all x,n, the n-th Turing jump of x  


I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~friedman/ for downloadable
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Harvey Friedman

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