[FOM] Response / critical review of Franzen's Gödel book

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Mon Apr 2 10:45:19 EDT 2012


thank you for the responses. My interest was in technical or philosophical arguments, if any, offered in response to Franzén’s book. This is what I meant by “serious” i.e., I did not write that I was looking for “serious” abuses of Gödel’s results, but for considered responses to Franzén from those (such as Penrose, whose name has been mentioned) who have been accused of misunderstanding or misusing the results. In particular, I was curious about what philosophers of mathematics/logic might have written… perhaps I can conclude that Franzén’s work reflects the consensus in the community.

I appreciate the comments,


P.S: I am trying to steer clear of the postmodernism vs Sokal issue, which has been much discussed and unfortunately often leads to more heat than light (perhaps itself a case of misunderstandings, as list member Gabriel Stolzenberg has argued).

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