[FOM] inconsistency of P

Edward Nelson nelson at math.Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 26 16:28:50 EDT 2011

To Mike Blackmon's questions:

3. The proofs generated by qea are available:
if reading the partial book online, just click
on the blue Proof hyperlinks. Otherwise, open a
browser to
and click on the theorem number.

1. There is no proof of correctness for qea.
The full proofs it generates are quickly verifiable
by inspection. I will eventually make qea available
for review, but first I want to make it usable for
other works, and that would take some weeks of work.

2. Qea prints out proofs of theorems used in the claimed
inconsistency proof, so it is used in the derivation in 
the sense that it enables a reader to check the proof of
any theorem that seems dubious.

4. The outline is intended to help readers see the overall 

Cheers, Ed

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