[FOM] Proposed new axioms for set theory

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Fri Sep 23 10:07:13 EDT 2011

The FOM discussion group has occasionally had postings concerning  adding
axioms to ZFC (for example, search for "new axioms" in Subject lines  in
2000-May, 2003-June, 2006-February; also, "What makes a large  cardinal
axiom plausible?" in 2004-May).  A recent paper of  mine
("Some New Axioms for Set Theory",
(http://www.ijpam.eu/contents/2011/66-2/1/1.pdf) )
argues  that some particular axioms are clearly true and should be adopted.
The axioms named "I1-I4" and "M1-M4" are very well justified in  the
paper.  The axiom named "G" seems likely to be justifiable, but so  far
this remains to be achieved.  The recently submitted  paper
"Improved results in Scheme Theory", temporarily available  at
_www.hyperonsoft.com/irst.pdf_ (http://www.hyperonsoft.com/irst.pdf) ,
contains  a section with further remarks on Axiom G.
These axioms provide specific examples for further discussion of  various
topics discussed in the FOM postings; and also topics to be  considered at
the Harvard EFI seminar.
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