[FOM] sad news: RIP Ken Lopez-Escobar

Valeria de Paiva valeria.depaiva at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 16:30:14 EDT 2011

Recent sad news in the Brazilian Logic mailing list.

   Dear Colleagues.
   My brother, friend and co-author, Ken Lopez Escobar, is no longer among us.
   I register my admiration for his creativity, patience, kindness
   and appreciation for human culture in all its aspects.
   I have had the privilege of sharing his insight and enthusiasm for
   original thinking and intellectual work.
   Impossible to register in words the significance of the congenial,
   educational and enlightening interaction with this profound thinker, whose
   prowess has not always been acknowledged.
   A dearest of friends; what more is there to say?
                                F. Miraglia
Valeria de Paiva

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