[FOM] MAMLS Jan '12 -- Support available, lodging information -- second announcement

Robert Lubarsky lubarsky.robert at comcast.net
Mon Sep 5 07:56:38 EDT 2011


What: Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar 
When: F Jan. 13 (about 2 pm) - Sun Jan. 15, 2012 (about 2 pm)
Where: Deerfield Beach, FL, hosted by Florida Atlantic University 
Website: http://math.fau.edu/richman/FAU2012.html

Special theme: Dedicated to Alan Turing as part of Alan Turing Year (see
http://www.mathcomp.leeds.ac.uk/turing2012/), commemorating the centenary of
his birth. 
Program: There will be a special session dedicated to Turing's life and
times, which will include an address by his famed biographer David Leavitt,
as well as other surprises. The speakers for the scientific part will
include Wesley Calvert, Martin Davis, Damir Dzhafarov, Joel Hamkins, Pietr
Hofstra, Russell Miller, Anil Nerode, Gerald Sacks, Andre Scedrov, Wilfried
Sieg, and Robert Soare.

Money: Some funding is available to support attendance at the meeting. We
are most interested in supporting young researchers and members of groups
typically underrepresented in the sciences. Of course everyone is welcome to
apply, which you can do by writing me at Lubarsky.Robert at comcast.net. Please
include in your request a brief professional biography, as well as a short
description of why your attendace at the conference would be useful to
yourself or the community. (Please do not be put off by this request for
information! In case demand is great, I need some basis on which to make
decisions, so I need to know who you are. I have to give the money away one
way or another, so apply.)

Lodging: You can now make your hotel reservations for the meeting. Such a
reservation is subject to availability, so call soon. This is Florida in
season, after all. The talks will be held at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach,
http://www.wyndhamdeerfieldresort.com/, which is offering rooms to
conference attendees at the special rate of $189/night for oceanfront,
$159/night for city view, subject to availability, up to Dec. 12. For this
beachfront property in season, take my word for it that this is a good deal.
To make a reservation, call 954-428-2850 or toll free 24 hours (800)
426-0084 and mention MAMLS to get the special rate. Online reservations are
not possible. Alternatively, you could stay at the Comfort Inn Oceanside,
http://comfortinnoceanside.com/, just a few blocks away, for prices ranging
from $119.95 to $149.95/night, subject to availability, up to Dec. 11. For
reservations, call (954) 428-0650 or toll free 866-86-OCEAN and mention
MAMLS to get the special rate. If you would like to save even more by
rooming with somebody, drop me a line at Lubarsky.Robert at comcast.net and I
will act as a clearinghouse for such requests. Please remember, this is in
season, so I encourage you to do this at your earliest convenience, as
either hotel might eventually get sold out. This is especially important if
you want to make a vacation out of this and come early or stay late
(remember, M Jan 16 is MLK Day), as space at the special rate is limited.

Transportation: Transportation information is at the hotel websites. The
closest airports are, in order of increasing distance from the hotel, Ft.
Lauderdale/Hollywood, Palm Beach, and Miami. From any of those airports, you
could take the shuttle, a cab, or the train (http://www.tri-rail.com/) to
the Deerfield Beach station and a cab from there.

For questions: Lubarsky.Robert at comcast.net.

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