[FOM] inconsistency of P and extreme formalism

Panu Raatikainen panu.raatikainen at helsinki.fi
Tue Oct 11 02:05:07 EDT 2011

Lainaus "Richard Heck" <rgheck at brown.edu>:

> What's the weakest natural theory in which you can "do syntax" to a  
> reasonable degree? And here, so far as I understand,  the consensus  
> answer is something like:
> I\Delta_0 + \omega_1 or Buss's S^1_2. Both of these are adequate for
> talk about interpretations (in the syntactic sense) of one theory in
> another and to prove things like: If B can be interpreted in T, then, if
> Con(T), then Con(B)---assuming T and B have "nice" axiomatizations, at
> least.

It would be interesting to know whether this holds for Nelson's Q_0^*  
too, and in particular, whether Q_0^* can "know" that a subtheory of  
it, with only bounded rank-and-level proofs, is contained in it.

It seems to me that this would make all the difference for the correct  
analysis of Nelson's attempted inconsistency proof...

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