[FOM] Aristotle's notion of intuition

Ian Grant ian.a.n.grant at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 7 17:08:35 EDT 2011

This may be of interest to some members of this list.


I argue that Aristotle's notion of intuition is based on actual
experience and that there is a crucial distinction to be made between
symbolic representation of a fact and the knowledge; the latter being
something which exists only in the act of interpretation. Aristotle
would say that it was known in the living soul. The idea of intuition
being captured by a formalism in mathematical logic is therefore
absurd, as I understand Brouwer himself to have said.

The essay is long because it also considers the corresponding notions
in the foundations of science, particularly quantum mechanics and
biology. The (possibly provocative) conclusion is that mathematical
logic was a bad idea and we need to go back and look again at
traditional logic because it has been badly misunderstood.


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