[FOM] Croatian Logical Association

Sandro Skansi skansi.sandro at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 18:44:03 EST 2011

Dear FOM members,

Earlier this year, a new organization dedicated to the advancement of
logic in Croatia was created, under the name of Croatian Logical
Association (Hrvatsko Logicko Udruzenje), located in the Faculty of
Philosophy of the University of Zagreb (by the courtesy of the Faculty

Only recently we got our web page up, and we were postponing
international contact until the English version is up, but since this
might be postponed up to January 2012, we decided to contact FOM
members now. You may browse the Croatian page, but is still somewhat
under construction (i.e. lacking content).

Future activities (of interest to the international logician) will
include conferences and the starting of a new journal. On the local
level (in Croatia), the CLA is (for now informally) in charge of the
Croatian high school curriculum in logic (a mandatory course in
Croatian high scools) and the competitions in logic for high school
students on all three levels (school, region, state). There will be
more news on this soon on the webpage, and we hope to have the English
version of the page up by next semester.

The CLA is recognized, by the attendance of its representatives in the
first electional meeting (which was de facto the creation of the CLA)
by the Croatian Mathematical Society, the Croatian Philosophical
Society, and the (Goverment) Agency for Education. We plan to formally
contact the ASL, AMS and the APA soon, in hope of cooperation.

Please if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to contact us!

The website is:


Looking forward to your feedback!

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