[FOM] "Semantics and Syntax" (correction)

Almarie Ehlers a.ehlers at newton.ac.uk
Thu Mar 31 14:07:45 EDT 2011

Dear readers of the FOM mailing list:

The e-mail sent out yesterday was sent by accident. It was meant as 
an internal mail only for Visiting Fellows of the programme 
"Semantics and Syntax" of the Isaac Newton Institute, but 
accidentally forwarded to the entire FOM list. So if you are not an 
invited Visiting Fellow, please do not contact Almarie Ehlers.

However, if you are not an invited Visiting Fellow and still 
interested in the workshop at Chicheley Hall, please preregister by 
e-mailing "preregister me" to 
<mailto:pmt6sbc at leeds.ac.uk>pmt6sbc at leeds.ac.uk. You will then 
receive information about the registration process as soon as it is available.

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