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Ramon Jansana jansana at ub.edu
Thu Mar 10 11:32:20 EST 2011


The 2011 ASL European Summer Meeting (Logic Colloquium '11) will take place in
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) on July 11--16, 2011


The Program Committee members are: K. Ambos-Spies
(Chair), J. Avigad, H. Barendregt, E. Casanovas, S. Kreutzer, H.
Mildenberger, A. Sorbi, T. Tinchev, A. Visser, and B. Zilber.
The Local Organizing Committee includes: D. Asperó, A. Atserias, J.
Bagaria (Chair),

F. Bou, E. Casanovas, V.  Dalmau, P. Dellunde, M. Esteban, R. Jansana,
D. Palacín, J. Potier, and D. Virgili.

Scientific Programme:

Gödel lecture: Anand Pillay (University of Leeds)

Tutorials: Georges Gonthier (Microsoft Research): Formal Verification.
Martin Ziegler (Universität Freiburg): Model Theory.

Plenary Speakers: Steve Awodey (Carnegie Mellon University), George Barmpalias
(University of Amsterdam), Lev D. Beklemishev (Steklov Mathematical
University), Raf Cluckers (Université Lille), Todd Eisworth (Ohio
University), Sergey Goncharov (Russian Academy of Sciences), Henri
Lombardi (Université de Franche-Comté), Jordi López-Abad (ICMAT),
Kenneth Manders (University of Pittsburgh), Martin Otto (Technische
Universität Darmstadt), Jan Reimann (Penn State University), Andrzej
Roslanowski (University of Nebraska), Yde Venema (University of

Special Sessions (Organizers):
- Computability Theory and Logic for Computer Science (Albert Atserias
and Rod Downey),
- Foundations of Mathematics and Philosophy of Logic (Johan van Benthem
and Ian Pratt-Hartmann),
- Model Theory (Enrique Casanovas and Kobi Peterzil),
- Proof Theory and Constructive Mathematics (Erik 
Palmgren and Michael Rathjen),
- Set Theory (Joan Bagaria and Heike Mildenberger)

Important dates:

1. Abstracts for contributed talks should be received before the
deadline of March 28, 2011. They may be submitted 
online at  <http://www.logic2011.org/>http://www.logic2011.org/
or by regular mail to the official meeting address:

   Joan Bagaria,
   Chair of the Organizing Committee, LC11,
   Departament de Logica, Historia i Filosofia de la Ciencia,
   Universitat de Barcelona,
   Montalegre 6,
   08001 Barcelona, Spain

   email: <mailto:lc2011 at lsi.upc.edu>lc2011 at lsi.upc.edu.

2.  A number of travel grants are available for students and recent
PhDs. To apply please fill in the form 
at  <http://www.logic2011.org/>http://www.logic2011.org/
before March 21.

3. Early registration rates are available before April 30.

Ramon Jansana
Dept. Lògica, Història i Filosofia
de la Ciència.
Universitat de Barcelona
Montalegre, 6
08001 Barcelona

Phone: 34-934037993

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