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Special issue of the journal LOGICA UNIVERSALIS 
on the topic "is logic universal?"
The authors have tried to answer the following questions:

1. Do all human beings have the same capacity of reasoning? Do men,
women, children, Papuans, yuppies, reason in the same way?
2. Does reasoning evolve? Did human beings reason in the same way two
centuries ago? In the future will human beings reason in the same way?
Are computers changing our way of reasoning? Is a mathematical proof
independent of time and culture?
3. Do we reason in different ways depending on the situation? Do we use
the same logic for everyday life, in physics, and in questions to do with
the economy?
4. Do the different systems of logic reflect the diversity of reasoning?
5. Is there any absolute true way of reasoning?

Preface: Is Logic Universal?
Jean-Yves Beziau

Human Rationality Challenges Universal Logic
Brian R. Gaines

Logic and Natural Selection
Jaroslav Peregrin

The Place of Logic in Reasoning
Daniel Kayser

Is Logic Necessary?
Gregory McColm

Carnap, Goguen, and the Hyperontologies: Logical 
Pluralism and Heterogeneous Structuring in Ontology Design
Oliver Kutz, Till Mossakowski and Dominik Lücke

In the next future there will be special issues of the journal on the
following topics:
- Visual Reasoning with  Logic diagrams
- Multimodal logics
- Categorical logics
- Hexagon of opposition
Submissions are welcome, see calls for papers on the website below.

Subscription to the print version of the journal is avalaible
at a very good price for individuals: 38 euros per year including postage
and handling.

Jean-Yves Beziau
Logica Universalis

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