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Dear CiE member

CiE 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria, was another excellent addition to the CiE
conference series. Very many thanks to the local organisers. It was great
to see so many friends, old and new. And to experience the unique
computability-related blend of science, mathematics, computer science,
philosophy, etc, which makes the CiE meeting such an exciting event.

We used to say 'which you can only experience at CiE'. But the CiE success
has obviously had an influence. More and more meetings are enhancing their
scientific perspectives, and the CiE intervention is being reflected at
many levels, and helping to revitalise the whole field with new ideas and
a fruitful multi-disciplinarity.

Hopefully, with the help of its growing membership, CiE will continue to
lead the way - via the CiE conference series; the CiE-Springer book series
"Theory and Applications of Computability":


and the new CiE-IOS Press journal "COMPUTABILITY":


The journal will appear during the Turing centenary next year, and is
receiving submissions now. There is a huge amount of Turing centenary
activity planned - see:


including CiE 2012 (already open for submissions):


For those who were at CiE 2011 - or who just want to keep up-to-date with
CiE developments, see below for the AGM minutes (with thanks to Arnold

All the best to everyone for a relaxing/productive summer!

Barry Cooper
(for the CiE Board)


Association Computability in Europe AGM
Sofia (Bulgaria), 1-7-2011, 17:00 - 17:50

Present: Dag Normann (Oslo, Norway, Treasurer of CiE, Chair of AGM 2011),
          Luis Antunes (University of Porto, Portugal)
          Arnold Beckmann (Swansea, UK, Membership Secretary),
          Ulrich Berger (Swansea, UK),
          Paola Bonizzoni (Milan, Italy),
          Olivier Bournez (Lix, France),
          Vasco Brattka (Cape Town, South Africa),
          John Case (University of Delaware, USA),
          Barry Cooper (Leeds, UK, President),
          Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary) ,
          Anuj Dawar (Cambridge, UK),
          Jerome Durand-Lose (Orleans, France),
          Hugo Feree (Lyon, France),
          Joseph Fitzsimmons (National Univeristy of Singapore, China),
          Daniela Genova (University of North Florida, USA),
          Ivan Georgiev (Assen Zlatarov, Burgas, Bulgaria),
          Mathieu Hoyrup (INRIA Nacncy, France),
          Natasa Jonoska (University South Florida, USA),
          Onur Kahraman (Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey),
          Thorsten Kraeling (Heidelberg, Germany),
          Benedikt Loewe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Conference Series
                          Steering Cttee Chair),
          Florin Manea (Otto-von-Gericke Universitat, Magdeburg, Germany),
          Russell Miller (CUNY, New York, USA),
          Emanuele Rodaro (Porto University, Portugal),
          Alexandra Shlapentokh (East Carolina University, USA),
          Sonja Smets (University of Groningen, the Netherlands),
          Alexandra Soskova (Sofia, Bulgaria),
          Mariya Soskova (Sofia, Bulgaria),
          Dieter Spreen (Siegen, Germany),
          Antoine Taveneaux (Paris 7, France),
          Andreia Teixeira (University of Porto, Portugal)
          Stefan Vater (Sofia University, Bulgaria),

Dag Normann opened the meeting, took the chair, and presented the agenda.

1 . Minutes of 2010 AGM and matters arising

     The minutes of the 2010 AGM were available to participants of
     CiE 2011 from the beginning of the conference.  They were
     accepted as accurate. No matters were arising.

2.  Association CiE 2010-11 report, presented by the president,
     Barry Cooper.

     BC reminded the AGM that the board had two new members since the AGM in
     2010, Olivier Bournez and Jerome Durand-Lose.

     Membership secretary, Arnold Beckmann, reported on the development of
     number of members.  At the time of the AGM in 2010, CiE had 700 members,
     which rose to 717 members at the time of CiE2011 (18 new members, and one
     member left the association.)  CiE2011 was attended by 175 participants,
     of which 66 were existing members of CiE.  Of the 109 non-CiE-member
     participants, 80 chose to become member of CiE.  Thus, the total number of
     CiE members at the time of the AGM 2011 was 797.

     BC reported that the newsletter had been taken over by Olivier Bournez who
     has been sending them out since autumn 2010.

     BC explained that CiE was still in the process of registering with UK
     charity commissioner. And that a UK bank account was being opened with
     the NatWest, which received the agreement of the meeting.

     The redesign of the CiE webpages has been taken over by Jerome
     Durand-Lose.  The redesign would happen in the near future.

     BC mentioned that CiE was represented at EACSL and ACM SIGLOG
     by Benedikt Loewe.  BC also reminded the audience about the conference
     series and the Alan Turing Year activities in 2012.

     BC mentioned CiE publications, in particular the book series where 6-7 new
     books were under contract.  He asked for further book proposals to be send
     to one of the editors of the book series.

3.  Report on the new journal, presented by the editor in chief, Vasco

     VB introduced the new journal of the association "Computability, The
     Journal of the Association CiE".  VB explained the details of the journal:
     It would be published with IOS Press, would have online and printed
     versions.  Access would be free for CiE members.  The first issue was
     planned for mid 2012, with two issues in total in the first year.  VB also
     explained that the journal was open for submissions, and asked the AGM to
     consider submitting their best papers to the journal.

4.  CiE Conference Series report, presented by the chair conference series
     steering cttee, Benedikt Loewe.

     BL reported on the CiE Conference Series.  He pointed out that the
     conference series will stop editing special issues related to CiE
     conferences after 2012.  Instead, authors of talks at CiE conference would
     be encouraged to submit their full papers to the new journal

     BL spoke about CiE 2012, and explained that CiE 2013 would be organised in
     Milan, Italy.  The PC chairs for 2013 were Paola Bonizzoni and Vasco

     Anuj Dawar introduced CiE 2012 in Cambridge, and pointed out its link to
     the Alan Turing Year.  The conference would start on 18-6-2012 with an
     excursion to Bletchley Park.  It would end on Turing's centenary,
     23-6-2012, with a special event at King's College.

     BL asked for proposals for CiE 2014 and CiE 2015.

5.  Election report

     DN reported that BC and PB terms had ended.  Both had offered to serve for
     another period.  Both had been validly nominated.  No further nominations
     had been made.  BC and PB were elected for the CiE board.

6.  Other business

     Alexandra Soskova asked about post conference journals for CiE 2011
     BL explained that APAL with be one of them, others were in discussion.

DN thanked everyone for attending, and closed the meeting.

Arnold Beckmann, July 2011

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