[FOM] FOM: Has Principia Mathematica been formally verified?

Irving ianellis at iupui.edu
Tue Jul 26 16:50:11 EDT 2011

Timothy Y. Chow asked: Has Principia Mathematica been formally verified?

If I recall correctly, Hao Wang wrote about his work on this project in 
"Computer Theorem Proving and Artificial Intelligence", W. W. Bledsoe & 
D. W. Loveland (editors), Automated Theorem Proving: After 25 Years, 
Contemporary Mathematics 29 (Providence: American Mathematical Society, 
1984), 49-70, and Daniel J. O'Leary, "Principia Mathematica and the 
Development of Automated Theorem Proving", in Thomas Drucker (editor), 
Perspectives on the History of Mathematical Logic (Boston/Basel/Berlin: 
Birkhäuser), 47-53 wrote about the program written by Newell, Shaw, & 
Simon, discussed in their "Report on a General Problem-solving 
Program", IFIP Congress 1959, 256–264, generating all of the theorems 
in Principia of propositional calculus. In mentioning Newell, Shaw, & 
Simon, you may also be thinking of the exchange, reported on p. 52 in 
O'Leary's article, in which, referring to their program , Simon wrote 
to Russell in 1956 reporting to Russell about this. Russell wrote back 
to Simon: "I am delighted to know that Principia Mathematica can now be 
done by machinery. I wish Whitehead and I had known of this possibility 
before we wasted ten years doing it by hand. I am quite willing to 
believe that everything in deductive logic can be done by machinery."

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